The Absolute Best Payroll Service in the United States

How can we say that?  Avitus Payroll Services (APS) is not the biggest.  APS is not a well-known, publicly traded behemoth.  In fact, APS pretty much flies under the radar and most of our new clients come strictly through word of mouth.  So how can we make such a bold statement?  Because it's true.

Our customer service blows everyone else away.  Talk to any client and they will tell you exactly that.  In a world where Payroll Service has become a commodity, APS is reshaping the business model to reflect a more personal, pleasurable environment. 

Unlike a cold box of software or some stranger in a boiler-room, your assigned Payroll Customer Service Representative knows your account inside and out.  When a question comes up, they understand exactly what you need. 

How Much?  No Really How Much?

Here's the way it usually works:  First, you get quoted a fantastic price that knocks your socks off and you are promised a laundry list of services.  Then when the invoice arrives there are extra charges for this and an additional fee for that and an upcharge for licking the envelopes, etc.  Right?

WRONG:  We quote you a price and we do the work.  Period.  Yes, it is a radical way of doing business.  Yes, we are crazy for stepping out of the ordinary pricing methods of the Payroll Service industry.  It's like going back in time when people actually quoted a price, did what they said they would do, and then you paid them.

A Simple, Straight-forward Invoice

It's amazing how many people have no idea what they are actually paying for their current payroll service.  The invoice is so confusing between all the credits and debits and fees and add-on's that it takes a forensic accountant to understand it. 

Avitus Payroll Services provides you with a simple, easy to understand invoice and fantastic reports that give you all the information you need to make good decisions.  The wonderful thing is that if you ever have questions, you just call and you can actually talk to the exact person who runs your payroll.  (We suspect that some clients make up questions as an excuse just to call and talk because our staff are so nice.  That's okay too.)

It's Scary Out There

As a business owner, you are responsible for the collection, depositing, filing, and paying of all payroll taxes.  Mistakes in any of these areas can be costly.  Let's say you make your deposits but are late or fail to file.  Penalties start to add up fast and get bigger as time goes by.  Don't even think about not paying the penalty.  It can be as much as the amount owed PLUS you still owe the original amount you failed to pay.

Mistakes usually happen when the person doing payroll goes on vacation, is out sick, or gets another job and leaves the owner in a pickle.  Thankfully that is never an issue with APS.  You have a primary Payroll Customer Service Representative that processes your payroll regularly, but we cross-train on accounts to avoid any hiccups.

Pick up the phone and just see if our people are really as nice as we say.   1-866-867-5897